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Im 20, go to VCU studing bio, chem and political science. Rugby, Lesbian. Want to know anything just ask!


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. -Aristotle

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July 4th 1776

Today marks the 86140th birthday of U.S.A! Thomas Jefferson our founding father 236 years ago made this nation free from the rule of Britain’s monarchy under King George the 3rd.  Jefferson’s intellectual perspective on the rights of all humans and his considerable amount of knowledge and understanding then was extremely powerful and even today its power still stands but the citizens and outsiders have forgotten the true meaning of our independence and what America represents.  What was once a nation of freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness and a democratic – republican rule were we all had our own rights and say of our own life is not in any way shape or form correct today. Our government likes to say we are number one in everything but it is most definitely the hugest lie told.  America is not the only free country here’s a list of countries free like us., Canada, Greenland, Ireland, Mexico most of all South America , south Africa, Australia, most of the islands all over, India, japan, all of Europe and a few other Asian countries.  So for the foremost most people live a life of freedom. Although a lot of these places like South America, islands, and India live in poverty that doesn’t mean they are not free. We are not the 1st in Literacy we are number 4 with japan, Israel and Canada ranking above and most of Europe ranking after us.  We are the 7th in riches but even that number is way off when we are over 17 trillion dollars in dept. and our nation only brings in about 22 trillion a year but most of that money is thrown away instead of paying debt off.  So when people tell me how I enjoy living in freedom and the best country I respond, we once had a country that was free and the best but now all I want is to get out because what was once the greatest change is smothering us in lies, fraud, and disappointment. If J.F. was here today or was able to fully see the future he would cry and cry and a lot more changes to our declaration would have been made and the governmental system that has done all the damage would have had an enormous amount of laws and regulations that aren’t into play now.

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The Gay Song - Behold, the gayest song there ever was, an anthem for the homos of the world.

Hey, I’m coming out closet kept me in. 
In terms of gay, there’s so much don’t know where to begin. 
No, I don’t like boys they’re too much man and men. 
I’ll admit that I’m a girl that wants girls for the win. 

Sue me if I’m different or sue me if you can. 
Sorry that I’d pick KStew over any man. 
I’m Ellen when she’s younger, I’m Lindsay without Sam. 
I’m Rosi’s homo fanny pack, I’m Spashley’s biggest fan. 

I’m gay I’m really gay, I’m super duper gay.
I’m gayer than a rainbow, I’m gayer than I’ll say. 
I’m gay I’m really gay, I’m truly very gay. 
You caught me I’m a lesbian and I like it that way. 

Girls, I love their hair I love the way they move. 
Nope, not questioning I got nothing to prove. 
Why, force myself to forget what I love? 
I’m here, I’m queer, dike pioneer, I’m all of the above. 

Maybe I’m not a hipster but boy do I love cats. 
There’s little things us lezzies do no matter where we’re at. 
Like tell ourselves that maybe, straight girls must be gay.
And we won’t buy denial no matter what you say. 

I hope by now you realize I hope I’ve made it clear. 
My gaydar bounces of the charts I’m lez from ear to ear. 
This may be too much homo but darling gay means cheer. 
So smile if you’re homo, hell smile if you’re queer! 

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Lose Yourself Walking on the Flume - Hudson Taylor (by HudsonTaylorMusic)

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She has a v line. Whuut. Nice.


She has a v line. Whuut. Nice.

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so fucking right!!!!!

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